Monday, March 23, 2015


There are various ways to make money online some are earning through selling their service, products, knowledge, affiliating or blogging & content. If you are considering to make money online you need your own domain, website & hosting.
  1. Domain – is best for purchasing your own domain.
  2.  Website – is an official site from where you can download it.
  3. Web Hosting – is best for purchase hosting, it has built-in WordPress too.

Your WebPages get rank high easy if you are using a Website on WordPress platform with original and good content.

Let’s take one of the above ways that are making money online with blogging & content. 

1. Contact Form 7 - Developed by Takayuki Miyoshi

If you are writing well, visitor loves your content or blog and people want to purchase from you or want you to write for their website & business for getting rank in search engines, they have to contact you but WordPress does not have the feature or built-in form for contact us page. Don’t worry WordPress works with plugins help and there are millions of plugins in world. So, you need the top and very easy to use plugin that is the contact form 7. Just copy the code and paste it “Contact Us” page then click update, go to the site and refresh it. If you wanna customize it you can. 

In this online marketing world, we always beware from spam attacking and you never ever want spammers attack on you via e-mail id or automated spam senders. when you are using the contact form 7 plugin there is a security plugin called Really Simple CAPTCHA which is originally created for a contact form 7. It stores all email data in temporary files not by sessions like other plugins.

P.S.  It is not so strongly secure if you need perfect security find other solutions.

3.   WordPress SEO by Yoast - Developed by Joost de Valk

If you don’t know much about On-page SEO then Yoast is the best & easy deal for your WordPress website’s SEO. It will really help you to optimize your content in search engines. It allows you to specify your content’s focused or niche keywords, Meta description, Meta keyword, and most importantly it will show you your page analysis and keyword density so that you can know what you have done or forget. It will also generate sitemap.xml & robot.txt file for you.

P.S.  If you need support from the developer then you have to buy a premium version of this plugin.

4. W3 Total Cache – Developed by Frederick Townes

Website loading speed is an essential ranking factor according to Google algorithms and W3 Total Cache is must need plugin for you. Whenever we open any website it always more time than we open its other pages. It helps to optimize your site by browser caching and it minimizes site’s CSS & JavaScript files so that your site can load faster.
5.   WP – Developed by WPMUDEV & Alex Dunae

As I said earlier your website’s loading speed for users really matter in SERP factors and we need to use more images in our content which is important for user’s point of view but it creates difficulties for browser to load website and it pages because images having large sizes. Don’t worry WP with us, it will compress each & end every image with one single click. If you use photo-shop to reduce every image before use it will take so much time.

Google Analytics by Yoast is a best plugin to track your how many users are landing on your website or page, who are unique or repeated from where they are coming from like country, social media, ads or directly, how much time they have spent on your site and, of course, your website bounce rate & exit rate.

7. Google XML Sitemaps – Developed by arnee

You can’t monetize your website until unless your WebPages got indexed by search engine crawlers, here Google XML Sitemaps help our site. It will generate an XML sitemap for site, sitemap is directory of our website for crawlers, whenever they come to our site this sitemap tell them the address of our new updated WebPages or anything new happens to our website.

Basically, it prevents us for website’s bounce rate and make user to spends more time on our site which can be helpful in a monetization process. When user comes to our site and reading content it also shows them related posts to that topic this very helpful in engagement. That’s why it called as YARPP aka Yet Another Related Post Plugin.

9. Easy Plugin for AdSense – Developed by manojtd

Yippee!!! It’s time to make some money with Easy Plugin for Adsense. It controls the space, size, color, type & positioning of ads help your adsense account to not get banned from Google.

10. WP Socializer – Developed by Aakash Chakravarthy

WP Socializer is must have plugin for your site and content to be socially connected. It add  the floating social sharing bar on your WebPage, sometimes user read full content and sharing buttons are at above so forget to share but here sharing bar will also float with page scroll and chances are very much increase of sharing.

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